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00NATION eliminated by Liquid after OT thriller

Overtime, overtime, overtime!

It was a North American vs. South American battle when Liquid and 00NATION fought for survival at IEM Cologne. 00NATION put up a great fight, but in the end, it was not quite enough.

It seemed like the North Americans were going to take the first map of Overpass as all the pieces around IGL 'nitro' was popping off in the first half. Liquid dominated the first fifteen rounds and went to a break with an 11-4 lead.
The narrative turned around after the break as 'try' and 'dumau' started showing off their skills. The young duo led the South Americans to an incredible comeback that secured an even score after thirty rounds, and eventually a victory in OT #3.

The second map of Mirage brought us the fourth overtime of the series. Both halves in regulation were as close as can be at 8-7, with the offensive sides being strongest. 'EliGE', who also had an amazing game on Overpass, did just enough for his team to pull through and make it to the third map after a 19-17 victory.

00NATION importantly won the T-side pistol round, which resulted in a three-round lead. The mostly Brazilian squad would not get much more in the half as Liquid delivered an immaculate defensive performance as soon as they had rifles in their hands.
The North American squad continued the great play after halftime and pretty smoothly got by their Southern neighbors at 16-8.

Highlight of the Bo3-series:

Liquid - 00NATION 2-1 | IEM Cologne

22-25 (Overpass) | EliGE - 1.39 Rating / 44-33 K-D / 100.1 ADR

19-17 (Mirage) | EliGE - 1.47 Rating / 30-20 K-D / 103.5 ADR

16-8 (Ancient) | oSee - 1.44 Rating / 22-10 K-D / 84.1 ADR

MVP: Jonathan 'EliGE' Jablonowski - 1.36 Rating / 90-65 K-D / 97.8 ADR

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