00NATION eliminate Grayhound

00NATION stood tall in the four-hour-long match.

00NATION secures themselves a last chance as they eliminate Grayhound from EPL S17. The Brazilian roster took an important win over Grayhound on Inferno. The first map of the series ended in overtime after 00NATION managed to take three rounds in a row to tie things at 15-15. With the momentum they gained from taking the game into overtime, 00NATION had ice in their vines as they closed out the game 19-16 on Grayhounds map pick.

Ancient was up next. Similar to the first map, the first half ended with an 8-7 scoreline in favor of Grayhound, but this time on the favored CT side. However, switching to the T side, Grayhound dominated the Brazilian roster winning eight out 11 rounds to close out the map 16-10.

Mirage came out as the last map of the series. What looked like a close encounter between the two teams ended up in a controlled victory for 00NATION. The Brazillian team got eight rounds on the weaker T side. A nice T side was enough for 00NATION to close out things 16-9.

00NATION - Grayhound 2-1 | ESL Pro League Season 17

MVP: Lucas 'nqz' Soares - 1.25 rating / 66-43 K-D / 68.1 ADR

With the win over Grayhound, 00NATION will face Ninjas in Pyjamas in a Group C 4th place decider match. Winner advances to playoffs round 1, losing team is eliminated.

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