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TACO: coldzera works really hard

"TACO" talks about his partnership with "coldzera" and much more

Brazilian Counter-Strike has never been more dominant in the world of professional CS:GO than it is now. With FURIA keeping up their great performances, Imperial continuing to show promise, and 00NATION joining the scene as the newest Brazilian super-roster, a lot is happening for the Brazilians of the Counter-Strike world.

00NATION got off to a great start at the ongoing IEM Cologne 2022 Play-in event and managed to take down the big name that is Astralis. We talked with "TACO" after their victory. One of the reasons for 00NATION's success is the partnership of "TACO" and "coldzera". When asked about playing with "coldzera" once again, "TACO" said the following:

"The good part about coldzera is that I know I have a player that works really hard and that wants to win as much as I want to. So it is a matter of time before fix everything on the server."

To hear more about the iconic partnership and hopes for 00NATION's near future, you can watch the entire talk we had with "TACO" down below:

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