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The SKlassico goes the way of 00NATION

'TACO' and 'coldzera' can hold their heads high after beating their old teammates!

The legendary Luminosity/SK lineup was reunited when 00NATION with 'coldzera' and 'TACO' took on Imperial with 'FalleN', 'fer', and 'fnx'.

00NATION chose to start the series on Ancient, a map that Imperial has played zero times in official matches as it was formerly their permaban.
Considering the lack of experience on the map, 'FalleN' and co. put up a great fight on unknown territory. They played a decent T side where they won six rounds, on the defense, however, they struggled heavily. 00NATION, who have way more experience on the map, took advantage of this and secured their pick at 16-12.

The second map of Overpass was characterized by strong offensive sides. The Imperial squad secured nine rounds to open the game on their T side, but 00NATION did them one better as they won their offensive half 10-3, sending 'FalleN' and co. back to Brazil.

Highlight of the Bo3-series:

00NATION - Imperial 2-0 | IEM Cologne Play-in

16-12 (Ancient) | dumau - 1.50 Rating / 26-18 K-D / 97.9 ADR

16-12 (Overpass) | try - 1.40 Rating / 23-12 K-D / 78.4 ADR

MVP: Santino 'try' Rigal - 1.30 Rating / 47-28 K-D / 80.8 ADR

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