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The story of pashaBiceps

From beloved CS:GO superstar to kicking ass off the server

At this current moment of time, it is the CIS region as well as the internationally-mixed rosters that are on top of the professional CS:GO scene. It wasn't always like that, however. Once upon a time, there was an era dominated by a certain Polish roster known as "The Virtus Plow". Virtus.pro wasn't just any great CS:GO team. Besides winning a major back in 2014, they won all of our hearts to their always charismatic and good-spirited players.

At the forefront of the iconic Virtus.pro roster was, arguably, the most beloved CS:GO player of all time "pashaBiceps". Win or lose it seemed as if the Polish rifler would always have a smile on his face and a bright outlook on things. Not only was he loved by fans from across the world, but he was also a dangerously skilled rifler. Becoming the major MVP back in 2014 he cemented himself forever as one of the legends of the CS:GO scene.

After sticking with Virtus.pro for over four years, "pashaBiceps" career within the server was slowly nearing its end. This, however, was not the end of "pashaBiceps" as he continued his love for the E-sport community in partnership with Team Liquid as one of their primary content creators.

Whilst many fans from across the world would tune in to the beloved and wholesome streams of "pashaBiceps", his endeavors in the spotlight didn't stop with just E-sports. Known for his love for fitness and sports in general, "pashaBiceps" recently decided to try his luck in a Polish MMA league, and once again he prevailed. Knocking out his opponent and claiming his first MMA victory, he continues to prove that you can in fact do everything you set your mind to, and even with a smile on your face.

Whilst it is doubtful that we will get to see "papito" on the professional CS:GO stages ever again, he is within any doubt one of the all-time greats of the game. To learn more about how the wholesome Hulk of Counter-Strike went from dominating with the "Virtus Plow" to kicking ass off the server, you can watch the following video posted down below:

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