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Magisk: I have a lot more freedom now than with Astralis

In a talk with Pley, the Danish rifler discusses his new role on Vitality and what he thinks it will mean for his individual game going forward.

What does Dupreeh think of his first period as a Vitality member? How good is ZywOo actually? And what is the biggest difference between Magisk in Astralis and Vitality-Magisk?

These were all questions we asked Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen and Emil “Magisk” Reif in a press conference before the start of this weeks IEM Katowice.

An interesting takeaway to pinpoint is Magisk’s insight on his roles and responsibilities on Vitality compared to his time with Astralis, where he ended up winning three Major titles.

- I think the biggest difference is that I have a lot more freedom now. In general, I have the freedom to do whatever I want. It’s something I have to get used to and actually use to my own advantage.

(…) My goal is to be a top-tier player. But obviously, it all depends on how I evolve in the role and how fast I can feel comfortable in it, Magisk stated.

You can watch the entire thing in the video below, where dupreeh and Dan "apEX" Madesclaire also chimed in.

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