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Highlight: YEKINDAR makes getting an ACE look easy

Sometimes it just seems too easy for the young Latvian star of

Whilst the newly-signed G2 player by the name of "m0NESY" has perhaps stolen all the headlines over the last couple of weeks, there is another young superstar that keeps delivering incredible results and individual performances for his team. I am of course thinking of Mareks "YEKINDAR" Gaļinskis. Whilst he is perhaps not a prospect anymore, with his 22 years of age, he is still delivering game after game.

When facing Movistar Riders at the ESL Challenger 2022 event alongside his teammates at, he put up another stellar performance and managed to collect an astonishing rating of 2.29 and a final K-D of 30-10. His performance was undoubtedly one of the reasons for dominating 16-3 victory against the Movistar Riders roster and when looking at the incredible highlight down below, you understand just how clinical he is.

It is, of course, never easy to ACE in the game of Counter-Strike, however, with a "YEKINDAR" feeling himself, it seems exactly that. Take a look at how he dismantles the entire Movistar Riders roster down below:

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