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The Frenchmen sweeps BIG

Vitality moves through to the next round in the playoffs after a confident 2-0 victory against BIG where they meet Astralis in the upper bracket final.

The French team, Vitality remains undefeated as they take their fifth victory in a row at DreamHack Open Fall in a roller coaster of a match. A match between two teams who both have displayed a very good form so far, and also two teams with a lot of different and dangerous weapons.

The match started on Dust2 as BIG's map pick. Vitality and BIG have been two of the best Dust2 teams for a period, both presenting good track records on the map where BIG has won 9 out the last 11, and Vitality 7 out of the last 10.

It was also a close beginning to the map with the two teams taking turns winning rounds resulting in a slight advantage for Vitality at half time by an 8-7 score. The second half wasn’t as close due to a very strong t-side from Vitality and an RPK anti-eco ace that settled the map with a confident 16-11 victory on BIG’s map pick.


BIG and their struggles continued at Inferno and did not look like a team that has earned a spot at the upper bracket. ZywOo on the other hand started the map red hot helping Vitality take a quick 9-2 lead with 17 kills from his hands. BIG however managed to recover towards the end of first half through strong and important plays by their star players XANTARES and syrsoN, setting the score at 9-6 to Vitality.

The second half starts with a pistol round win by Vitality on their CT-side. BIG didn’t manage to rise after another setback, and Vitality eventually ran over the German side settling the 16-11 map win, and the 2-0 victory. ZywOo was a big factor for the win, presenting a stellar 1.56 rating and a 12+ k/d difference.

Vitality will meet Astralis in the upper bracket final tomorrow at 20:00 (CEST) while BIG, on the other hand has to move down in lower bracket.

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