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BIG are your Roobet Cup 2022 champions!

The German machine took down the starstudded FaZe roster in the Grand Final

Starting with sixteen teams we were down to just two as FaZe and BIG got ready for their brawl in the Grand Final of the Roobet Cup 2022 event. Both teams had proved themselves more than worthy of reaching the Grand Final with FaZe's individuals stepping up in every single game and BIG's cohesive teamwork pushing them over the edge in every tough game. Before meeting on the server, FaZe were the big favorites going into the Grand Final. With "karrigan" having seemingly found the recipe for FaZe to stay performing at their high skill ceiling far more consistently than previously, the European super roster seemed poised to take home the victory against BIG. However, it wasn't that easy. If you know anything about BIG, you probably know just how tough they can be to play against when they are on fire. The cohesive and well-executed teamwork of BIG meant that it was in fact the Germans who came out on top after three close maps and who were able to call themselves the champions of Roobet Cup 2022 after claiming victory against FaZe in the Grand Final.

The first map of the Grand Final was picked by BIG and saw the two rosters head to Dust 2 to kick off the battle. Dust 2 has been one of BIG's strong suits for many years now and when the Germans are having a good day on Dust 2 they can seem almost impossible to bypass. Despite this, however, the individuals of FaZe make the prospect of facing them on Dust 2 an always scary one. BIG started on the T-side and had slight issues with breaking down the FaZe defense at first, forcing them to save in multiple rounds, despite being on the T-side. It didn't take long, however, before the Germans woke up. Finding luck in different areas of Dust 2, BIG caught up with FaZe once again and managed to create a scoreline as close as possible at 8-7 going into halftime. The second half saw a rock-solid BIG defense get off to a great start. A "Twistzz" on fire did his best but had to see his efforts fall short as BIG closed out Dust 2 at the scoreline of 16-13.

The second map of the Grand Final between FaZe and BIG was, of course, picked by "karrigan" and his troops. Perhaps unsurprising the two rosters headed toward the concrete of Nuke to carry on the battle. Nuke is a map that as of late has been almost synonymous with FaZe and where no team wishes to see the names of "broky" and "Twistzz" on the server. With that being said, Nuke is also a map that BIG have previously leaned on for results in big matches and a close brawl was therefore on the cards. FaZe got off to a great start on their T-side and managed to put rounds on the board and create an early 6-2 lead. Once again it wasn't long until BIG found their groove and started putting rounds of their own on the board. A close battle in the first half concluded with a scoreline of 8-7. Once the two rosters had switched sides it was once again FaZe to come flying out of the gates, however, they were, not long after, followed by BIG. With BIG taking control of the economy in the second half it was difficult for FaZe to string multiple rounds together and the Germans managed to slowly but surely edge themselves back into the driving seat at 14-13. The hard-fought battle from the Germans to take control of the second half proved to be all in vain, as they crumbled in the final three rounds and were defeated by a resilient FaZe defense at the scoreline of 16-14.

The third and final map of the Grand Final was set to take place on Mirage. Being the most played map of all time in professional Counter-Strike, it is a map that both FaZe and BIG are more than familiar with and seemed the perfect grounds for the last brawl before the champions could be crowned. FaZe started Mirage the strongest. Posting a stellar CT-side it seemed as if BIG had too much to handle in their offense. Managing to claw themselves back a handful of rounds, things were relatively close as the two teams switched sides at the scoreline of 9-6. After having switched sides, a far more bolstered and cohesive BIG roster came alive. With "syrsoN" hitting his shots on the AWP and "tabseN" finding his groove on the server, things became close between the two teams. After having been caught up with by BIG it seemed as if "karrigan" and FaZe had lost their chance on Mirage. Managing to remain calm and collected, however, FaZe pushed BIG into overtime as things were all tied up at 15-15. At the scoreline of 19-17, BIG took home Mirage, claimed victory against FaZe, and became the champions of Roobet Cup 2022.

Highlight of the Bo3-series:

BIG - FaZe 2-1 | Roobet Cup 2022 (Grand Final)

16-13 (Dust 2) | k1to - 1.45 Rating / 26-17 K-D / 96.6 ADR

14-16 (Nuke) | Twistzz - 1.25 Rating / 23-18 K-D / 81.5 ADR

19-17 (Mirage) | syrsoN - 1.43 Rating / 35-20 K-D / 88.6 ADR

MVP: Florian "syrsoNRische - 1.33 Rating / 85-55 K-D / 81.5 ADR

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