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Heroic is ready to playoffs at ESL Pro League S17

The Danes took down BIG in a thriller series.

It was a close encounter between the Danes and BIG.

Starting the series off on Nuke, Heroic came out pressing the speeder. The Danes secured themselves a 10-5 scoreline going into halftime after leading the early stages of the game 5-0. A great CT side from Heroic ended in overtime as BIG fought their absolute best to make the comeback. Winning six rounds in a row on the CT side BIG took the game into overtime. However, Heroic had ice in the veins as they closed out the map 19-16.

Next up, Inferno. Heroic gained a 3-0 lead after winning the first pistol round of the map, but, BIG came back on the full buy rounds securing themselves a decent CT side with eight rounds in their favor. Despite the Danes also winning the second pistol round of the game BIG was too strong on the T side. Led by K1to, BIG took the win on Inferno 16-13.

To decide the match, Vertigo was left open as the decider. A close encounter between the two teams was on the menu this afternoon in Malta. During the later stages of the game, BIG established a 14-10 lead on the T side. However, TeSeS was a beast during the post-plant situations. The young Dane helped his team to secure a spot in the playoffs after winning six straight rounds to close out the game 16-14.

Heroic - BIG 2-1 | ESL Pro League Season 17

Nuke: René 'TeSeS' Madsen - 1.19 rating / 24-21 K-D / 82.9 ADR

Inferno: Nils 'k1to' Gruhne - 1.56 rating / 28-18 K-D / 92.2ADR

Vertigo: René 'TeSeS' Madsen - 1.43 rating / 31-18 K-D / 95.7 ADR

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