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paiN eliminates Team Liquid from BLAST Premier Spring Showdown America

Liquid leaves yet another tournament empty-handed.

In a stunning upset, paiN Gaming eliminated Team Liquid from the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown America with a 2-1 victory. The Brazilian squad showed great determination and skill, with Rodrigo 'biguzera' Bittencourt and Felipe 'skullz' Medeiros leading the way with great performances. paiN secured the first map Nuke after 30 rounds of play. The Brazilian roster fought back on the CT side after they lost 11-4 on the T side. paiN won Nuke 16-14. Despite losing the second map 16-14, paiN came back strong on the last map and secured their spot in the BLAST Spring Final after winning 16-12 on Mirage.

paiN take upon Imperial in the Grand final. The winner qualifies for BLAST Premier Spring Final 2023.

Over in Europe, BIG also had a tough semi-final match against 9INE but managed to pull off a 2-1 win. The German team showed their resilience and teamwork, with Marcel 'hyped' Köhn and Josef 'faveN' Baumann delivering standout performances. BIG will now face Cloud9 in the Grand Final and battle it out for a chance to compete in the BLAST Spring Final.

The Grand Final between Cloud9 and BIG will kick off today at 19:30 (CEST).

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