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BIG takes down Complexity

A great start but a bad ending for the North American roster.

BIG took upon Complexity in the opening match of ESL Pro League Season 17 Group B.

An even match on paper ended up being a close encounter all the way to the end between the Germans and North Americans. Starting the series on Ancient, Complexity came out dominating the German team. From the very start, Complexity established an impressive lead. Led by floppy, Complexity went to the half with a 10-5 lead. On the T side, the North Americans was fast to close out the game as they only needed 6 rounds to take the win on Ancient 16-8.

Next up, Nuke. What looks like the perfect start for Complexity ended up being a bad T side for the North American roster. A 10-5 half in favor of BIG was enough for them to lose out the game on the T side. The young academy AWPer who recently got moved up to the first team showed why BIG is happy with him on the roster. BIG won Nuke 16-12 after great rounds on the T side.

To decide the series the two teams had to fight their absolute best on Vertigo. A close encounter that started best for Complexity resulted in a BIG 16-14 victory. A decent T side for the Germans was enough for them to close out the game on the CT side. Despite things getting close toward the end BIG was the team to have ice in their veins going into the last rounds.

BIG - Complexity 2-1 | ESL Pro League Season 17

Ancient: floppy - 1.42 rating / 21-15 K-D / 103.0 ADR

Nuke: Krimbo - 1.61 rating / 31-17 K-D / 110.8 ADR

Vertigo: hyped - 1.33 rating / 26-21 K-D / 86.5 ADR

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