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cadiaN brutally honest: BIG will be better off without syrsoN

The Heroic in-game leader offers his view of the recent roster change after having played BIG at ESL Pro League Season 17.

The Germans from BIG should not be worried about losing their highest-rated player Florian “syrsoN” Rische according to Casper “cadiaN” Møller. In fact, the Heroic captain is sure that BIG are better suited with the younger Marcel “hyped” Köhn than with the star AWPer.

In a post-match segment after Heroic’ 2-1 victory over BIG yesterday, cadiaN and Rasmus “sjuush” Beck sat down with ESL for a chat about Counter-Strike, where he also touched on the recent roster change on BIG.

- Let me say something controversial here. BIG will be better [with hyped] than with syrsoN. I don’t want to judge anyone… I’m just giving my perception, cadiaN said and elaborated:

- When you have a player [syrsoN] that gets three kills or his teammate gets three kills and he’s still just sitting with no emotions giving no energy and no hype. I don’t see him talking ever - like in these BLAST videos where they are recording, I never see him talk.

The Danish veteran then explained what he sees as key ingredients in a teammate and how he believes a CS:GO team should function.

- For me at least and how we play Counter-Strike, is five people who constantly have to communicate and hype each other up, and when you’re dead you have to supervise the other guys. So a young guy who’s hungry, who wants to work and be more of a part of the BIG philosophy, I believe in that.

You can watch the entire segment down below.

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