GODSENT send BIG out of BetBoom Playlist

The Swedish roster stood tall despite being the clear underdog going into the match.

An upset was on the schedule during the BetBoom quarter-finals. The Swedish team GODSENT secured their place in the semi-finals after defeating one of Europe's top 20 teams, BIG. The German team, who haven't been performing well in recent tournaments, were defeated 1-2 in their first match of the tournament. This loss comes during a period of readjustment for BIG, as they still can't find the missing spot after their main AWPer, Florian "syrsoN" Rische benched himself back in early February.

A tough way to the quarter-finals for GODSENT who had to fight their way through the first stage of the tournament with victories over Sprout, Sangal, and HEET before defeating HEET in the Playoffs round 1 and BIG in the playoffs. Their win over BIG is even more impressive considering that the Germans were one of only four teams invited straight into the quarter-finals, along with Cloud9, MOUZ, and Virtus.pro.

BIG vs. GODSENT | BetBoom Playlist Urbanistic 2023

Anubis: 16-9 - MVP: Josef 'faveN' Baumann 23-11 K-D/ +12+/- / 89.3 ADR / 1.44 Rating

Nuke: 10-16 - MVP: Joel 'joel' Holmlund 31-15 K-D/ +16+/- / 123.0 ADR / 1.80 Rating

Inferno: 10-16 - MVP: Joel 'joel' Holmlund 24-13 K-D/ +11+/- / 87.7 ADR / 1.43 Rating

GODSENT will play the winner of Cloud9 and Flacons in the Semi-Finals.

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