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Polish underdogs upset Fnatic at BLAST Showdown

9INE will take upon BIG in the semi-final.

The BLAST Premier Spring Showdown Europe quarter-finals witnessed an upset as 9INE defeated fnatic and eliminated them from the event. 9INE secured a convincing victory on the two maps they had found the most success on this year, Vertigo and Nuke.

What started as a close encounter on Vertigo ended in total domination from 9INE as they secured the map 16-6. On Overpass, Fnatic bounced back and won the map despite things getting close toward the end. Moving on to the decider 9INE dominated Fnatic on the CT side once again. A 12-3 CT saw 9INE close out the game on the T side to secure a semi-finals spot. 9INE won Nuke 16-12.

Despite a strenuous schedule that has seen them play over 110 maps since the start of the year, 9INE has now secured their biggest victory yet and will continue to compete in the Showdown against BIG in the semi-finals.

BLAST Premier Spring Showdown | 9INE vs. fnatic

MVP: Olek 'hades' Miskiewicz | 65-51 K-D / 82.5 ADR / 1.24 Rating.

In an intense quarter-final match at the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown, BIG Esports took down Rare Atom with a 2-1 series victory. The first map saw Rare Atom dominate on Ancient, winning 16-7. However, BIG came back strong on Vertigo, taking the map 16-9. The third and final map, Overpass, was a one-sided affair, with BIG dominating Rare Atom 16-2. It was a well-fought victory for BIG, who will now move on to face 9INE in the semi-finals.

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