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Credit: ESL | Adela Sznajder

BIG eliminate Complexity

A tough fight for the German who will take on Movistar Riders for a chance in the playoffs.

It was a close encounter between Complexity and BIG.

Starting the series off on Vertigo, Complexity came out pressing the speeder. The North American roster secured themselves an 11-4 scoreline going into halftime after leading the early stages of the game 5-0. A great CT side from Complexity ended in overtime as BIG fought their absolute best to make the comeback. Recreating the Zonic law, BIG took 11 rounds on the CT side to bring the game into overtime. However, Complexity had ice in the veins as they closed out the map 19-17.

Next up, Ancient. Once again Complexity came out winning their duels from the beginning of the map. A 7-2 lead in favor of Complexity has enough for them to close out the first half with a 10-5 lead on the weaker T side. Despite a great CT side from Complexity, BIG came out dominating the North American Team on the T side. The Germans secured a map three after they closed out Ancient with an 11-2 half. BIG won Ancient 16-12.

To decide the match, NUKE was left open as the decider. A close encounter between the two teams was on the menu this afternoon in Malta. During the later stages of the game, Complexity and BIG tied things up at 11-11. Once again, BIG was too strong on the T side as they took down the North American team 16-12.

Complexity - BIG 1-2 | ESL Pro League Season 17

MVP: Krimbo - 1.33 rating / 72-50 K-D / 82.7 ADR

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