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acoR: I definitely see myself joining a top team again in the future

Is this the time for the former MAD Lions star to unveil his full potential?

After a long period away from top-tier CS:GO and competitive play, Frederik “acoR” Gyldstrand seem to have made his comeback. The 25-year-old AWPer has been picked up by GamerLegion where he has presented a stellar level of CS so far, leading the team to the Rio Major.

We have had the opportunity to sit down with acoR for an interview regarding his comeback, joining GamerLegion and his impressive performance at the RMRs.

It feels really nice to be back on the server. Being benched puts everything in a different perspective. There you have to think about what happened and how did everything go so wrong.

I definitely see this as my comeback. My time in MOUZ wasn’t really how I see myself as a player on that MOUZ lineup. I definitely see myself joining a top team again at some time in the future, acoR says.

You can find the entire interview with acoR down below.

Topics and timestamps for the interview:

0:00 Qualifying for the Rio Major

1:55 acoR’s impressive RMR performance

3:48 acoR on his comeback to CS:GO

7:08 The mental aspect when being benched

9:00 MOUZ struggles and receiving death threats

14:10 acoR on GamerLegion and siuhy

19:10 The importance of chemistry within a CS:GO roster

21:23 Expectations for the Rio Major

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