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GamerLegion takes down the worlds number one

acoR and co. controlled Vitality on both the T and CT sides.

The swiss round 1-0 teams Vitality and GamerLegion came out firing at each other at full speed.

Vitality came off to a great start on the CT side of Vertigo. Pressing the speeder from the start and converting the pistol round gave Vitality the start they have hoped for. 6-0 was the score line before GamerLegion played themself to a round.

12 rounds in and GamerLegion starts to play as if it was an FPL game, pushing smokes and winning insane duels which lead to a 6-8 scoreline in favor of GamerLegion. Winning 9 rounds in a row on the T side, GamerLegion takes the first half 6-9.

Vitality took the second pistol round, but despite winning both pistol rounds, GamerLegion took chances and played the game of Counter-Strike that they like to play. The newly established team managed to take control and dominate Vitality in all the full buy rounds. GamerLegion took the victory to go 2-0 in the Swiss round, and are now ready for playoffs.

Vitality - GamerLegion 0-1 | IEM Rio RMR (Challenger Stage)

10-16 (Vertigo) | Frederik 'acoR' Gyldstrand – 1.43 Rating / 25-14 K-D / 91.0 ADR.

9z - Imperial 0-1 | IEM Rio RMR (Challenger Stage)

16-11 (Mirage) | Franco 'dgt' Garcia – 1.21 Rating / 17-12 K-D / 69.4 ADR.

9z fought their way to go 1-1 in the swiss round after a well-played CT side destroying Imperial 13-2. The home team from Brazil Imperial is currently 0-2.

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