GamerLegion complete miracle run and qualifies for IEM Rio!

After several overtime losses against some of the biggest teams in CS:GO, GamerLegion still managed to make it through.

GamerLegion's roster was never really announced. That says a lot. But a player from Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Poland, and Romania came together in August to try and qualify through the online qualification hell and made it to the LAN event in Malta.

Kamil 'siuhy' Szkaradek came in from the successful MOUZ NXT, while Frederik 'acoR' Gyldstrand saw his chance to revive his career after a disastrous stay at MOUZ.

In Malta, the team was immediately put to a test facing FaZe in the first round. In a hectic quadruple overtime match on Mirage, GamerLegion lost to FaZe after having had seven match points during the brawl. Since then the team has defeated the likes of Aurora, G2, and today B8 to qualify for IEM Rio with the final match today almost being the least dramatic of all the games in Malta.

On Overpass it was the stellar CT side from GamerLegion that saw them take home their own map pick. Nuke was up next, but here there was never any real doubt of the outcome of the match. GamerLegion took home the map 16-10 and can celebrate an almost unreal achievement after one hell of a ride in Malta.

The IEM Rio will be GamerLegion's first Major appearance.

GamerLegion - B8 2-0 | IEM Road to Rio RMR (Group A)

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