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Astralis Talent triumph at CCT North Europe

The Danes secure their biggest achievement so far.

Astralis Talent stood tall against GamerLegion during the CCT North Europe Series 4 Grand Final. The Danes who currently are placed as the world's number #73 on the HLTV World Ranking list managed to take down GamerLegion in an intense and thrilling series.

In the grand final against GamerLegion, the Astralis Talent team showed their true power. The first map, Overpass, was a back-and-forth affair, but the Danes managed to secure a hard-fought victory at the end. Astralis Talent won overpass 16-14. The second map, Ancient, was an even more intense battle, with both teams refusing to give an inch. A close affair between two teams who fought their absolute best to keep their trophy hopes alive. In the end, it was Astralis Talent that emerged victorious after a grueling double overtime. The Danes won the second map 22-19 and the series 22-19.

GamerLegion vs. Astralis Talent - CCT North Europe Series 4 Grand Final

MVP: Alexander 'Altekz' Givskov | 57-43 K-D / +14 +/- / 92.9 ADR / 1.33 Rating.

Astralis talent went unbeaten through the tournament winning seven out of seven possible so crowned themselves as the new CCT North Europe champions. Following their victory over GamerLegion, Astralis' talent extends their win streak to nine.

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