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Bad News Eagles is ready for legends stage!

sinnopsyy and co. took down GamerLegion in a dominant fashion.

Bad News Eagles are set and ready to play against the world's best in the legends stage at IEM Rio Major after they defeated the well-played GamerLegion. Starting off on Ancient Rigon 'rigoN' Gashi showed why he as well as the entire team is a "LAN" team. Playing great on both sides gave them a 9-16 win on their own map pick.

The second map started with fire from the Bad News Eagles' side as they took the first pistol round. GamerLegion fought their way back to a 5-7 score line but rigoN stopped the comeback as he took the half 5-10. Switching to the weaker T side, the Eagles kept on playing fast and unpredictably. Bad News Eagles dominated the GamerLegion to win Mirage 7-16.

Who Bad News Eagles will face in the legends stage is yet to be decided. For GamerLegion, they are now 2-1 and still have 2 chances to make the run to the legends stage.

GamerLegion - Bad News Eagles 0-2 | IEM Rio RMR (Challengers Stage)

9-16 (Ancient) | Rigon 'rigoN' Gashi – 1.55 Rating / 25-12 K-D / 108.2 ADR

7-16 (Mirage) | Rigon 'rigoN' Gashi – 1.52 Rating / 23-14 K-D / 105.8 ADR

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