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ZywOo secures Paris Major MVP medal

The French superstar grabs his 15th and arguably most important MVP medal of his career after a flawless tournament.

“The Chosen One”

Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut - The phenomenon who was born on the exact date of the release of the original Counter-Strike game.

And as the prophecy foretold, ZywOo, of course, ended up being the man to carry his team to victory in the last-ever CS:GO Major in the history of the game, with Vitality taking home the Paris Major title on home soil in France.

With a staggering 1.39 Rating and a massive impact round after round throughout the Legends and playoff stage, ZywOo also grabbed himself the ‘Most Valuable Player’ award for the entire Major. As it was his first-ever Major trophy, it was also his first time being crowned as the Major MVP.

ZywOo topped six notable statistics at the Paris Major

Rating: 1.39 (#1)

K-D difference: +92 (#1)

Damage diff per round: +23.3 (#1)

Kills per round: 0.89 (#1)

Deaths per round: 0.56 (#1)

KAST: 78.% (#1)

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