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Who will miss Dust2 the most?

How will the new map pool affect the top teams of CS:GO?

Dust2 is soon done and dusted in competitive CS:GO. Next week at BLAST Premier World Finals we will get to see Anubis in action for the first time in a tier-1 tournament.

The legendary map is phased out after being in the map pool for 16 Majors. But looking at the number of matches played in the last four Majors tells a story about a map, that has fallen out of favor for a lot of teams.

The number of times Dust2 has been played at the last four Majors:

Berlin Major 2019: 16
Stockholm Major 2021: 8
Antwerp Major 2022: 4
Rio Major 2022: 2

We have taken a look at all the top 20 teams to see, who has been picking and banning the map in 2022.

1. Heroic - ban
2. Outsiders (2nd most played) 64.0% win rate
3. FaZe (5th most played) - 56.5% win rate
4. NAVI (3rd most played) - 83.3% win rate
5. Team Liquid (6th most played) - 57.1% win rate
6. MOUZ (7th most played) - 50% win rate
7. FURIA - ban
8. Cloud9 - (4th most played) - 58.3% win rate
9. Vitality (3rd most played) - 70.4% win rate
10. Fnatic (7th most played) - 40% win rate
11. Spirit (4th most played) - 52.6% win rate
12. NIP - ban
13. G2 (3rd most played) - 58.3% win rate
14. ENCE (6th most played) - 58.8 win rate
15. BIG (Most played) - 61% win rate
16. Bad News Eagles (5th most played) - 61.1% win rate
17. Astralis (6th most played) - 42.1% win rate
18. OG (5th most played) - 53.3% win rate
19. Sprout (5th most played) - 47.1% win rate
20. Imperial (4th most played) - 50% win rate

Looking at the list it is clear, that NAVI, Outsiders, Vitality, and BIG statistically will miss Dust2 the most, while Heroic, FURIA, and NIP can be happy with their permaban being removed from the game.

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