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syrsoN leaves cryptic message about BIG future: You can guess what’s going on

What does the future hold for the powerful German?

Florian “syrsoN” Rische is not on the active lineup in BIG at this very moment. The official note is that the star AWPer has stepped down due to personal reasons with the organization not informing additional information about his future.

However, a report from Dexerto state that syrsoN’s is set to depart the German ship and that he has benched himself.

Yesterday syrsoN himself spoke about the matter in a stream on Twitch saying that him being sidelined is not due to any medical/injury reasons. Furthermore, he also leaves a rather cryptic note at the end about his situation in BIG hinting towards a potential

Down below is a translated quote from the stream.

- First of all: I'm doing well. Many thought I had a medical condition or something like that but that's not the case. I can't say much. I joined an agency yesterday and if I wasn't feeling good or if I would want to quit cs:go I wouldn't have done something like this.

- As of right now, I can't say much more because I'm still under contract [with BIG] but I think you can guess what's going on. That's basically all I can say about that, syrsoN stated.

(Credit to Reddit user tobi1305 for the translation)

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