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syrsoN sidelined due to personal reasons

The 26-year-old star AWPer wont help BIG in the IEM Brazil Closed Qualifier.

BIG is set to play without Florian "syrsoN" Rische when attending the IEM Brazil Closed Qualifier. The decision came right after their disappointing finish at IEM Katowice where they only managed to get 13-16th place. The German star has decided to beach himself with immediate effect.

BIG is set to field its roster with their academy AWPer Marcel "hyped" köhn who has been playing for the academy team for over a year. BIG took upon Monte in their opening match yesterday and after a three-map series Marcel "hyped" köhn saw himself losing his debut match for the first team. However, the Germans bounced back and took down the young and talented roster Sprout in their following game. BIG will face HEET in the lower bracket semi-final today at 15:30 (CET).

You can watch the game on the Twitch channel below:

BIG's roster playing in the IEM Brazil Qualifier:

Marcel "⁠hyped⁠" Köhn

Johannes "⁠tabseN⁠" Wodarz

Josef "⁠faveN⁠" Baumann

Karim "⁠Krimbo⁠" Moussa

Nils "⁠k1to⁠" Gruhne

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