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nafany: This win means a lot to me; I still remember watching apEX play five years ago

It was a very happy Gambit captain, who we met for an interview after the Russians 2-0 victory over Vitality at BLAST World Final.

Gambit has just secured themselves a spot in the Grand Final at the last event of 2021. After an impressive showing on Vertigo and Dust2, Vladislav "nafany" Gorshkov and his men are now in pole position to lock down the $500.000 1st prize and title as BLAST Premier World Final 2021 champions.

We spoke with nafany right after the win over ZywOo and company to hear why getting this exact victory meant so much for him, but also to ask him about a potential Gambit vs. NAVI Grand Final tomorrow. Watch the entire post-match with the Gambit IGL in the video below.

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