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FURIA secure playoffs at IEM Dallas, MOUZ eliminated

"Magisk"s magical performance sends MOUZ home.

The third and fourth games of the day at IEM Dallas would see one team secure a playoff spot, while one team would be eliminated. The fight for the playoff spot stood between FURIA and Cloud9, while MOUZ and Vitality had to do their best to stay alive in this competition.

FURIA vs. Cloud9

The action kicked off on Cloud9's pick of Vertigo, but it was the FURIA squad that got the best start. The trio of "arT", "saffee", and "yuurih", working around A and Middle secured a 7-1 lead. "nafany" and co. luckily managed to end the half better than they started, but the Brazilians still held a comfortable five-round lead at halftime.
The Russian squad started the second half much better even after losing the pistol round, but individually just did not seem as strong as the Brazilians who were able to rather comfortably steal away C9's map pick.

FURIA still looked like the best team as they landed on their own pick of Mirage. Even though the momentum went back and forth a couple of times, there were very few times where it actually felt like Cloud9 had the chance of taking it. With a three round winstreak to close the map FURIA secured the series at 2-0 and with it a spot in the playoffs.

Highlight of the Bo3-series:

FURIA - Cloud9 2-0 | IEM Dallas 2022

16-9 (Vertigo) | saffee - 1.51 Rating / 27-14 K-D / 91.9 ADR

16-13 (Mirage) | yuurih - 1.38 Rating / 27-20 K-D / 96.0 ADR

MVP: Yuri "yuurih" Santos - 1.42 Rating / 48-34 K-D / 96.5 ADR

MOUZ vs. Vitality

On the b-stream, the elimination Bo3 started with an extremely close half on MOUZ's choice of Inferno. It was back and forth through all fifteen rounds, but MOUZ ended out on top at 8-7 despite a great effort from "ZywOo".
MOUZ extended their lead by three after the break, but an eight-round streak devastatingly gave Vitality map point. "dexter" and co. were almost able to make the comeback happen, but due to a massive bank account for the French/Danish mix, they were up against rifles every single round, and Vitality just barely ran away with the victory.

The second map of Mirage was nowhere near as close as Inferno. With contributions from every player on the team and a standout performance from "Magisk", Vitality pretty easily secured their map pick and sent MOUZ packing.

Highlight of the Bo3-series:

MOUZ - Vitality 0-2 | IEM Dallas 2022

14-16 (Inferno) | ZywOo - 1.50 Rating / 26-14 K-D / 91.9 ADR

7-16 (Mirage) | Magisk - 1.92 Rating / 26-13 K-D / 125.7 ADR

MVP: Emil "Magisk" Reif - 1.51 Rating / 45-28 K-D / 105.4 ADR

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