Don't make this mistake in your Legends Pick'Em!

See our guide to who you should be picking for the Legends Stage.

After the completion of the Challengers Stage, it is now time to choose your Pick'Ems for the next stage.

The Legends Stage is working exactly like the Challengers Stage. You have nine Pick'Em Predictions, where you need to hit five of them to upgrade your coin and earn Souvenir Cases.

Again you are tasked with finding one team that goes 3-0 and one team that goes 0-3. You will also need to pick seven teams, that you think will advance to the next stage. The most important thing to keep in mind is, that the game is about getting five picks correct. What this means is, that the 3-0 pick can easily be problematic. Let's say that you choose Natus Vincere because they are good, right? Well, remember that all initial matches are bo1's. Any team can have an off map. In this case, Natus Vincere is actually paired with G2 in the first round. So one of the two teams is already guaranteed to not go 3-0 after the first round of the Legends Stage.

So who should you pick? Well, in our eyes it is better to pick a team, that you have your doubts about qualifying, but of course, still has the qualities to actually go 3-0. A brilliant example of that was at last year's Stockholm Major, where Copenhagen Flames went flawless through the Challenger Stage despite not being one of the favorites to make it through.

Our 3-0 pick: BIG

The Germans are a difficult team to predict. At some events, there are flying high, but at others, they can't even qualify like at IEM Katowice. They went flawless through the RMR-event and then crashed out of the IEM Dalles qualifier a couple of days later. We think they are the perfect fit for a 3-0 pick!

To go through: NAVI, FaZe, G2, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Vitality, Heroic, ENCE

Where is Cloud9? That is a great question. We could easily see them make it, but they have not played in a while, and their path to the Major went through Sangal, Anonymous, and Astralis, which in hindsight is not that impressive.

Our 0-3 pick: Imperial

It was between Bad News Eagles or Imperial. But we could not make ourselves pick Bad News Eagles given their first-round match. They face Copenhagen Flames, who they have won all their three previous matches against at the end of last year. What a draw for BNE!

In the video below, you can hear more reasoning behind our picks. Good luck!

* CS:GO Pick'Em is a game mode within Counter-Strike Global Offensive. The game is opened by buying a viewer pass. You start with a bronze coin which will be upgraded depending on your Pick'Em skills. You do also earn Souvenir Cases along the way, if you are making enough correct guesses.

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