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Crazy comeback by Vitality to secure Group C Final spot

FaZe through away a 15-7 lead

After the opening round, it was now time for the Upper Final. Here we saw Vitality, who stomped EG in their opening match, facing FaZe who needed overtime before they were able to take the victory versus Liquid. Both opening matches had been played on Inferno and this one was no different. Vitality had the joy of starting on the T-side while FaZe was tasked with stopping them.

Vitality were first out of the gates, taking the pistol round, but were stopped in their tracks as the deagle of "broky" was too much to handle. Off the back of their second-round win FaZe, spearheaded by veterans "karrigan" and "rain", started putting some space between them and Vitality. Even though Vitality managed to get multiple bomb plants, they had a very hard time converting them into round wins, and FaZe were able to get a 10-2 lead over the Danish/French squad. Vitality managed to at least make it a little more competitive by taking one more round in the first half, which meant that the halftime score was a dominating 12-3 in favor of FaZe.
The "karrigan"-led team continued their dominating ways by taking the second half pistol round, but then the force-buy wars began and the teams traded rounds back and forth, which favored FaZe who were already close to a victory. "apEX" and co. finally managed to string two rounds together for the first time in the game while also breaking the economy of FaZe. Vitality gave up map point at 15-7, but this did not mean that they gave up. It seemed as though the individuals of Vitality had finally found their confidence, and they started creeping closer and closer to securing overtime. In the end, it went all 30 rounds before a magnificent hold by "dupreeh" in pit sent the map into overtime.
Vitality continued their winning ways, comfortably taking all rounds of their CT-side in overtime. The Danes and the French also took the first round on their T-side which meant that they cleaned house and secured their spot in the Group C Final.

Highlight of the BO1-series:

Vitality – FaZe (1-0) | BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2022

19-15 (Inferno) |

ZywOo – 1.39 Rating / 31-20 K-D / 92.6 ADR

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