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apEX to Vitality fans: Peter (dupreeh) must come back as soon as possible

Vitality fans hope to see jackZ in the playoffs.

Following Vitality's success during the ESL Pro League Season 17, Vitality fans are hoping to see jackZ in the playoffs. However, apEX Tweeted why they need to play with dupreeh and how important he is for the team.

Despite apEX wanting dupreeh to come back and play with them during the playoffs. You can't take for granted how jackZ has been playing for the Vitality roster during the event. During the event, Audric "JACKZ" Jug produced some impressive numbers averaging 1.26 rating / 82.7 ADR / 0.80 KPR / 1.35 Impact throughout the six maps that Vitality played. The French/Danish roster managed to qualify for the quarter-finals after they took down FaZe 2-0.

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