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ZywOo: I don’t do individual practice – only surf, KZ and FACEIT

Doesn't sound that hard, right?

How did Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut, one of the most gifted and mechanical CS:GO player in history, become so good at the game? And how has he developed his picture-perfect aim and crosshair placement?

One would think that it requires tons of hours in deathmatch, aim lab and other individual training tools. But that’s not the case at all. In a recent interview with, the French superstar reveals a rather unusual approach.

- Actually, I don’t do individual practice, to be honest (laughs). Before I was professional, I played a lot of FACEIT, even then I didn’t train individually. What I like is playing some surf, KZ or just playing for fun – I mean I like to have fun in this game, so most likely I play FACEIT to improve individually, the Vitality AWPer said.

ZywOo 1v4 clutch vs Fnatic at IEM Katowice:

When looking at the elite within competitive Counter-Strike these days it seems like there’s a standard of players using a more professional and modernized way of training and practising their skills. That includes specialized training exercises to sharpen your aim, how to peek certain angels, etc.

Something that clearly differs from ZywOo's way of thinking, but with that being said it still seems to be the trend right now.

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