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Pley of the Day: ZywOo steals round with 1v4 clutch

The French star is the man behind our #POTD!

On Feburary 6, 2023, Vitality faced off against fnatic in a match for a spot at the playoffs in IEM Katowice 2023. The series was an action-packed one, with Vitality taking the first map, Overpass, with a 16-13 victory, while fnatic responded with a comfortable win on Mirage, 8-16. The final map, Nuke, was crucial for both teams as it would determine which of them would move on to the playoffs.

As the two teams both put up a great fight in the first half, Vitality held a 5-4 lead with only a few rounds left to play in the half. With the pressure on, Vitality’s star player, ZywOo, stepped up to the plate and delivered one hell of an impressive 1v4 clutch. Despite being heavily outnumbered, he was able to eliminate all four of his opoonents and secure the round for his team.

Watch ZywOo’s 1v4 clutch right here:

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