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YEKINDAR on playing with Liquid: We were more professional in

It seems like the North American mentality doesn't suit the superstar player.

At the newly-concluded IEM Cologne, Liquid got a helping hand from the Latvian star rifler Mareks "YEKINDAR" Gaļinskis after the benching of Richard "shox" Papillon. Here they ended up being eliminated by Movistar Riders in the quarterfinals.

YEKINDAR, who is currently benched at, spoke with at IEM Cologne, where he touched on the differences between playing with VP and Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski and the rest of North Americans.

I don’t necessarily think there is cultural differences (between CIS and NA teams). But we were more professionals in our team in We were robots, we needed to work, we worked, and we were working a lot. I think in this team it was a bit more of a free atmosphere. Like "Ah, I'm going to chill now".

I came, and I said "We're gonna play, we're gonna improve, we're gonna practice, we don't want to be losers, and we want to win", and everybody is doing their input, and now it's changing bit by bit. I hope it's going to help them in the future, the things that I'm bringing to the team.

In the interview with, YEKINDAR also touched on his future where he opened up about the possibility on joining Liquid on a permanent basis.

It wasn't maybe at the start on the radar for me, now, after qualifying for playoffs, I don't know what's gonna happen, maybe if it's possible I'm gonna maybe stick with the team.

You can watch the interview with YEKINDAR by down below.

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