CS:GO Asia Championships

Credit: Perfect World Esports

Shanghai to host $500,000 tournament in November

G2 and FaZe are among the invites for the CS:GO Asia Championships.

The Counter-Strike community will once again return to Shanghai after several years of absence since the last iteration of the CS:GO Asia Championships in 2019.

The news was shared on Twitter by Perfect World Esports, who are hosting the $500,000 event.

G2, MOUZ, ENCE, Team Liquid, and FaZe are all confirmed to take part in the tournament. Two Asian teams will also have the chance to participate. At the Perfect World Arena Premier League Season 5, two spots have been made available for teams such as TheMongolz, NKT, Lynn Vision, and TYLOO. The qualifier tournament will take place from Tuesday until Sunday next week. There is one last spot remaining that is still to be announced.

According to HLTV, the tournament, despite the name, will shift to be played on CS2, if Valve releases the new game before the start of the tournament on November 8th.

Prize pool: $500,000

1st: $250,000
2nd: $100,000
3-4th: $50,000
5-6th: $16,500
7-8th: $8,500

Former winners of CS:GO Asia Championships:

2019: mousesports
2018: Natus Vincere

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