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Why is this player’s IEM Rio Major sticker so expensive?

The gold version of the sticker goes for nearly $1000!

In the IEM Rio Major 2022 CS:GO update, Valve introduced Josef “faveN” Baumann’s sticker to the game. But, the sidelined 22-year-old German BIG player didn’t participate with his team at the RMR and is even missing out on the Major in Brazil due to illness.

That has made CS:GO fans buy his stickers and raise the market price as many think that Valve will fix the mistake. However, they might be missing an important detail.

Before the RMRs, BIG submitted their roster with Elias “s1n” Stein as a substitute and faveN in the starting lineup. After playing the whole RMR event without faveN, BIG announced that they would also be utilizing s1n as a stand-in in the IEM Rio Major as well.

Currently, the Gold edition of faveN’s sticker goes for almost $800, while the normal sticker’s current price is approximately $3. The rest of the BIG squad is nowhere close to these prices.

Those fans who are purchasing the stickers like crazy are missing the fact that stand-ins at Majors never got stickers in the past. Even when a player is replaced before the start of the event. So, it’s very unlikely that this will be changed.

Do you think the prices of faveN’s stickers will fall down quickly again?

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