Credit: Helena Kristiansson, ESL

w0nderful dominates Team Liquid - 4 AWP kills

The Ukrainian AWPer had no chill against the North American team.

During the Group D lower bracket semi-final, Spirit secured themselves their second win of the event after winning 2-0 against the North American roster.

On Nuke, Spirit fans could sit back and watch their talented AWPer Igor 'w0nderful' Zhdanov play lights out as he singlehandedly took down Liquid with an outstanding performance. w0nderful on Nuke: 27-11 K-D / +16 +/- / 104.9 ADR / 1.74 Rating.

Watch w0ndeful go nuts with the AWP:

A clean 2-0 win for Spirit sends Team Liquid down to the Last Chance Stage. Read more about the game in the article below:

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