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Spirit best Liquid in clean 2-0 victory

Spirit sends Team Liquid down to the Last Chance Bracket.

Team Spirit secured their second win at the event after winning 2-0 over Liquid in a Group D lower bracket semi-final. The losing team goes to Group D Last Chance Stage. The currently third-best team in the world hasn't found its footing during the ESL Pro League Season 17 so far.

Starting things off on Nuke, Liquid came out best after the first round after winning the first pistol round of the game. However, Spirit bounced back on the force buy and took six straight rounds to gain a 6-1 lead in the early stages of the game. Despite Liquid trying their best to strike back at Spirit, the Russian team secured themselves a great T side reaching 10 rounds to win the half 10-5. Switching sides, Liquid was the team to win the pistol round once again. But, with w0nderful playing lights out Liquid stood no chance. The Ukrainian rifler dropped 27 kills and won his team the first map of the series. Spirit won Nuke 16-10.

Next up, Mirage. This time around, Spirit was the team to start the map best. Winning the first pistol round of the map and converting the second. What started to look like a great CT side from Spirit, ended up with Liquid winning 10 rounds in a row to take a 10-2 lead after just 12 rounds of play. Spirit recovered as they won the last three rounds in the half. Despite a great T-side from Liquid, Spirit managed to do it better. The Russian roster won 11 rounds on the T side as they closed out the game 16-13 and the series 2-0. Once again, w0nderful was the man to look out for. the Ukranian AWPer secured a 1.28 to his name on Mirage.

Spirit - Liquid 2-0 | ESL Pro League Season 17

MVP: Igor 'w0nderful' Zhdanov - 1.47 rating / 46-24 K-D / 89.3 ADR

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