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Credit: Stephanie Lieske ESL

Vitality stomp Australian Renegades 16-6

ZywOo and misutaaa led their French teammates to victory with style

Vitality are far from being as dominating as their 2020 roster, however, they showed promising signs at the IEM Summer event with “misutaaa” stepping up and acting as the team’s secondary star player after the French prodigy “ZywOo”. The IEM Cologne 2021 event would be the perfect time for the Vitality roster to prove that they are still a top-tier team within the CS:GO scene. In their opening match, the French faced Renegades. With relentless pressure, the side of Vitality managed to take down the Australian Renegades roster at the scoreline of 16-6 and secure a strong start to their IEM Cologne 2021 journey.

The map chosen to be played in the Bo1-series between Vitality and Renegades was Overpass. Previously Overpass has been a map that the Renegades roster would ban, whereas the Vitality players are no strangers to the map. It was also the French to prove themselves the stronger team on Overpass. With no hesitation, they came flying out of the gate and secured an impressive 9-0 lead before being answered back by the Australians. Despite managing to safe face somewhat the Renegades side would have to see themselves beaten in the first half of Overpass at the scoreline of 10-5.

The second half continued as the first had played out. Once again it was Vitality and “ZywOo” to set the pace, without too much resistance from the Renegades roster. Only allowing the Australians a single round in the second half it was Vitality to assert dominance and take home the map of Overpass at the scoreline of 16-6.

Map 1 – Overpass

16-6 Vitality | ZywOo 1.79 Rating / 94.1 ADR / 22-9 K-D

Highlight of the BO1-series


Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut| 1.79 Rating - 22-9 K/D - 94.1 ADR - 86.4% KAST 

Play-in update

Alongside the Bo1-series between Vitality and Renegades, another match took place within the IEM Cologne 2021 Play-in event. A brawl between BIG and Sprout would conclude which German roster could walk away with a great start to the event.

BIG vs Sprout (1-0)

At the same time, Vitality tore apart Renegades a German brawl also took place within the IEM Cologne 2021 Play-in event. The Bo1-series between BIG and Sprout concluded in favor of the BIG roster, led by an in-form “tabseN”. BIG have now secured their first victory back on LAN as well as a strong start to the event.

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