Vitality eliminate ENCE and secure semi-finals spot at BLAST Premier Spring Final |

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Vitality eliminate ENCE and secure semi-finals spot at BLAST Premier Spring Final

The French/Danish squad is ready for the arena in Lisbon.

Team Vitality secured a spot in the semi-final of BLAST Premier Spring Final 2022 after defeating ENCE 2-0 in the second quarter-final of the day. They will be facing G2 in the semi-final on Saturday at 20:00 (CET).

Starting the series with Vitality’s pick on Overpass, the French/Danish squad came out with firepower as they got the first eight rounds to get a big lead in the first half. It took some time before snappi’s troops found their footing on their opponents’ map pick, but eventually, they managed to string six rounds on the bounce. Unfortunately for them, Vitality took the last round, closing the half 9-6. In the second half, Vitality won their second pistol and converted five rounds to extend their lead 14-6. Once again, ENCE didn’t go down without a fight and got a four-round streak before Vitality closed out the first map with a fake on the B site.

Vitality kept the momentum and got an early 5-1 CT side lead on Nuke. ENCE was, however, able to turn things around with an eight-round streak to take the lead in the first half, 9-6. ENCE got their first pistol round of the game and went up 11-6. Vitality struck back and evened the game at 11-11. But then, ENCE got a couple of rounds up to match point. Down 12-15 and against the ropes, ZywOo's men came up big and alive to push for overtime. The game kept going back and forth, but when the scoreline read 18-17, ENCE tried their trademark upper-site rush. Vitality was ready, and they could book their place in the semi-final with a 19-17 win on Nuke.


Vitality - ENCE 2-0 | BLAST Premier Spring Final - Lisbon

16-10 (Overpass) | apEX - 1.44 Rating / 25-14 K-D / 93.5 ADR

19-17 (Nuke) | Dupreeh – 1.50 Rating / 33-21 K-D / 94.8 ADR

MVP: Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut – 1.41 Rating / 54-23 K-D / 90.7 ADR

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