Credit: Stephanie Lindgren, BLAST

Video: Insane ace by syrsoN

The AWP'er didn't spare any opponents in a match on FACEIT.

Florian "syrsoN" Rische is perhaps the best aggressive AWP'er in CS:GO right now. BIG's sniper is currently leading the leaderboard of AWP kills per round against the top 30 teams in the world. The German AWP'er has also ranked 1st in opening kills, where he has taken down an opponent 336 times during 2022 as the first player in a round.

On FACEIT syrsoN is also showing off his great abilities with the "Big Green". Just watch this clip, where he singlehandedly takes care of the entire enemy team.

BIG and syrsoN will play their next match at Roobet Cup 2022 tomorrow, where they will face another dangerous AWP'er in sh1ro, when they go head to head with Cloud9 in the Semi-Finals.

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