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Credit: ESL - Helena Kristiansson

Thrilling playoff in IEM Beijing awaits!

Thursday and Friday hold four amazing games in the prominent event.

The group phase of IEM Beijing was concluded yesterday and has left us with a very exciting and star-packed playoff, that consists of a single bracket elimination system, starting in the quarter-finals. All four games have its very own interesting storyline.

Can NiKo beat his former teammates? Who will win the legendary battle between s1mple and device? Will Complexity and jks prove their strength in their first playoff run together? And lastly, who will the battle between the two best performing teams in this “Online Era”?

Quarter-finals IEM Beijing


15:30 FaZe – G2

18:00 Astralis – Natus Vincere


15:30 Complexity - BIG

18:00 Heroic – Vitality

Watch some of the best plays from the last day of the group phase down below.

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