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syrsoN awarded MVP title for Roobet Cup 2022

The German AWP'er was the key for BIG to winning the tournament.

BIG defied every odds and went ahead and won the 2022 Roobet Cup. The Germans defeated FaZe twice in the tournament, while also knocking out Cloud9 in the Semi-Finals.

The man of the hour was Florian "syrsoN" Rische, who stood out both in the Grand Final and in the Semi-Finals with some impressive performances. The AWP'er was only rated fourth-highest overall at the tournament but was named MVP after the great impact, that he showed at the final stages of the tournament.

This was only the second time in his career, that he has won an MVP award.

For BIG the win at Roobet Cup was their first in a year and will serve as a perfect lead-in to IEM Cologne on home turf.

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