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The story of tarik: From meme to Major winner

This is the story of how "tarik" went from streaming in his brother's closet to winning a Major final.

North American CS has been criticized and laughed at since the beginning of CS:GO, however, when Cloud9 made history and won a major as the first North American team ever, respect was gained from the entire CS:GO community. The same storyline can be said to be true in regards to the North American rifler Tarik "tarik" Celik.

"tarik" started his CS:GO journey as a content creator playing, streaming, and recording CS:GO content for his viewership to watch. Starting from the bottom "tarik" would literally stream shirtless in his brother's closet due to the hot temperature of the room. With his viewership beginning to rise as well as his own abilities within the game, "tarik" was slowly but surely making a name for himself. At this point of his CS:GO journey, however, it wasn't always because of his skill level he was recognized. In fact, it was more often than not his charismatic personality and funny clips that got him recognition within the CS:GO community.

In 2014 a new chapter in the story of "tarik" began to take place as he joined his first professional CS:GO team in NetcodeGuides.com. Shortly after his spell at NetcodeGuides.com, and with a pitstop at CLG, "tarik" was signed by Optic Gaming. At Optic Gaming it became clear that "tarik" had two different modes - one capable of defeating anyone and one where everything just seemed to go wrong.

Due to differences within the Optic roster and communication difficulties, "tarik" parted ways with the organization in 2017. Later, the same year, he signed for Cloud9. It was unclear at this point as to what to expect from the, at the time 21-year-old "tarik". He had proven his abilities but was simultaneously infamous for some lackluster parts of his play.

Taking on a new role in his CS:GO career as the IGL of Cloud9 he took the entire scene by storm in the early stages of 2018. Making history Cloud9, lead by "tarik", managed to win the Boston ELEAGUE Major 2018 as the first North American team ever.

The Boston ELEAGUE Major 2018 is by many regarded as one of the most iconic CS:GO events to have ever taken place. In that exact moment, the story of North American CS and "tarik" collided and reached its pinnacle as the North American Cloud9, with "tarik" calling the shots, surprised everyone on home turf.

After the major victory, "tarik" joined MIBR in what would become an all-time low in his career. However, "tarik" spent very little time at the bench of the Brazilian organization after it didn't work out.

After the failed spell at MIBR "tarik" joined NRG who later became the Evil Geniuses roster that we have seen him compete for in the latest of times. Earlier this year it was announced that "tarik" was to be replaced by Polish Michał "MICHU" Müller.

Whilst "tarik" is currently without a team and it is unclear as to what his future holds, one thing is for certain - "tarik" started from the bottom and reached the top, gaining the respect of everyone along the way.

To hear more about the story of how "tarik" went from a shirtless streamer to become a respected major winner you can watch the following video:

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