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Tarik "tarik" Celik (born February 18, 1996) is a retired Turkish-American Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. Tarik began his CS:GO career as a content creator, streaming and recording Counter-Strike content for his audience to watch. With his popularity growing and his talents in the game, tarik was slowly but steadily establishing himself. However, it wasn't necessarily due of his skill level that he was known at this stage in his CS:GO career. It was more often his engaging personality and entertaining clips that helped him gain recognition within the CS:GO community. Tarik has attended a total of 9 Majors with 5 different teams which all led him to win a Major once with Cloud9 and also an MVP Medal. His Major victory showed that you can become a successful CS:GO player, even though you start as an entertainer, and all it takes is dedication, hard work, and confidence.

At the start of his career

In 2014, a new chapter in tarik’s journey began when he joined NetcodeGuides.com, his first professional CS:GO team. Tarik was signed by Optic Gaming shortly after his time at NetcodeGuides.com, with a stopover at CLG. At Optic Gaming, it became evident that tarik had two distinct modes: one capable of defeating anybody, and the other in which everything appeared to go wrong.

In 2017, tarik left the Optic roster due to disputes in the roster and communication issues. He signed with Cloud9 later that year. At this point, it was uncertain what was to anticipate from the then-21-year-old tarik. He had demonstrated his ability, but he was also known for some mediocre performances.

It all culminated at the ELEAGUE Major 2018. Tarik and Cloud9 went through a miracle run to the final, and were up against the tournament favorites, FaZe Clan. Cloud9 and tarik lost the first map, Mirage, which was their map pick, giving them the worst start and their backs turned to the wall. In the second map, Overpass, the team started things off good on the CT side with a 12-3 half. Cloud9 took care of business and won the map 16-10. Tarik was the main man for Cloud9 on the map and stepped up when he needed to. With an ADR of 101.2, he was dominating his opponents. On the decider of Inferno, tarik continued to shine and dropped 38 kills in the overtime thriller, securing North American CS their first ever Major win. His high level at the Major secured him the MVP medal and he became the only American to win a Major MVP medal.

After the glory days

Tarik sought a new challenge after his Major win and joined the Brazilian side, MIBR. The ambitious move was quickly shown to be a disaster, as he couldn’t perform for the team. After the disappointing stint at MIBR, tarik joined NRG, which eventually became the Evil Geniuses roster, for which we have recently seen him compete. This year, it was stated that tarik would be replaced by Polish Micha "MICHU" Müller. While tarik is currently without a team and it is unknown what the future holds for him, one thing is certain: tarik rose from the bottom to the top, earning everyone's respect along the way. That’s the beautiful thing about CS:GO. You can start from your brother's closet and turn into a Major winner through hard work, dedication, and just having a nice time. That is what tarik has shown to the esports world. All you have to do is put in the work, and believe in yourself.

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