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Roster moves for the 2021/22 season

There are a lot of transfers to keep an eye on after the conclusion of the PGL Major in Stockholm.

The biggest event of the year is over. The PGL Major Stockholm gave some much-needed answers for a lot of teams, which usually sparks a lot of interesting roster moves and speculations.

We have gathered the already confirmed transfers.

Confirmed roster moved:


In: blameF, k0nfig, ave (coach)

Out: dupreeh, Magisk, zonic (coach)


Out: poizon, blameF, k0nfig

Transfer listed: es3tag, jks

FunPlus Phoenix:

Transfer listed: STYKO, Farlig, Maden, emi, zehN

Team Spirit:

Transfer listed: mir, chopper

Evil Geniuses:

Out: stanislaw, oBo, MICHU


Benched: Liazz, Gratisfaction, AZR, jkaem, BnTET

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