Svenska Elitserien 2019 Fall - East
ESN League Season 7: Champions Division
NorthSpawn LAN

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About 9INE

9INE is a swedish esports organization that was established in 2019. 9INE aims to set new standards in the industry by forstering innovation and putting passion at the core of its activities. Both the team and the management have gained valuable experience in years of being active in the industry and working with the biggest brands in esports. Their focus on executional excellence and its responsibility towards players, fans and sponsors has already brought it recognition in Europe. 9INE believes in a better future and is committed to create it through performance, integrity, trust and courage. With a goal of becoming the world's leading esports organization, 9INE continues to work with a mindset of having a high minimum level as standard in everything they do. 9INE's main focus is to always work with superior quality, professionalism and integrity to get the best results.