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JT after Complexity’s EPL exit: We are not satisfied before we go Top 5 in the world

The IGL has high hopes for his North American squad going into the upcoming Major.

Yesterday Complexity got handed a devastating loss at ESL Pro League Season 16 when they fell short against the world leaders from FaZe, despite a stellar showing on Overpass and Inferno.

After the match, Complexity captain, Johnny “JT” Theodosiou, took his time to speak with ESL where he touched on the current state of the team and the upcoming Major.

- I don’t think we ever will be satisfied until we are a Top 5 or Top 1 team. So I don’t want to say that we are satisfied but we are very optimistic right now. We are beating a lot of good teams, we came really close against the #1 team in the world FaZe. We’re looking forward to the Major to see how well we can do there if we qualify obviously.  

JT doesn’t neglect the importance of stickers and the money it brings.

- For the RMR, we just want to qualify. As long as we qualify and get our stickers, we’re happy and from there take that little break and prepare for the Major and see what happens there. I wouldn’t say we have any expectations – the only one is to make the stickers.

Dominating FaZe on Overpass

- Before the game started, we actually thought about picking Ancient but I watched the demos back from both Ancient and Overpass, and I just saw there was a gameplan on Overpass where we could get a lot of T rounds – and that worked at the start of the game. I know the CT side, for any team on Overpass is really, really strong, if you get off to a great start. So yeah, I just think we had a really good gameplan going into things.

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