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EliGE and Complexity invited to IEM Cologne Play-in

The NA team will replace paiN Gaming at the event.

The first big event of the second part of the season is IEM Cologne, which takes place from July 26th to August 6th. The first part of the tournament is the Play-in stage, where 16 teams fight for eight spots in the main tournament.

paiN Gaming had qualified for the Play-in stage, but has withdrawn due to a member of the team not being available to play the tournament.

Complexity will now get a chance to showcase their new roster with Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski onboard. The Play-in tournament will be played as a double elimination bracket. The opening games has not yet been revealed.

These teams take part in the Play-in stage at IEM Cologne:

Apeks, Liquid, Monte, MOUZ, NIP, Into the Breach, Fnatic, FURIA, FORZE, Astralis, Imperial, 9INE, Complexity, Grayhound, TheMongolz, BIG Academy.

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