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Jason Lake: NA based orgs endure a brutal travel schedule that places our players at a constant disadvantage

Complexity has 384 active flying hours and spent around 464 hours in total travel time in 2023 so far.

Complexity Gaming CEO Jason Lake believes that Counter-Strike events need a better balance between regions. He states that CSGO has become too much EU-focused which causes the traveling schedule to be filled up with flight time and hotels all around the world.

- There needs to be a better balance of events that take place in different regions for CSGO to remain a T1 esport into the future. NA, in particular, is far too critical to the financial health and well-being of the ecosystem to continually underserve the region.

The CEO of complexity is referring to the role that NA has when it comes to financial health in Esport as a whole.

He also believes that NA CSGO needs to step up its game if they want to compete against Valorant on the NA scene. CSGO fans from America find it hard to engage with the tournaments as they often are to be played at night.

- NA CSGO is competing against the Valorant ecosystem for eyeballs but many of our broadcast matches are at 5-7 AM our time and we expect NA fans to engage with the content.

It's clear that Jason Lake has something to say when it comes to schedules and events around the world. But, does he have a point when saying CSGO has become far too EU-focused as an esport?

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