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Imperial win huge drama and qualifies as the last team for Rio!

The Brazilian dreams came true. The Counter-Strike legends of Imperial will fight for the title on home turf.

With over 400.000 people watching simultaneously on Twitch, Imperial stood the distance and eliminated Complexity in the last match at the Americas Road to Rio event in Sweden.

The tension was high for the experienced Imperial roster where two times Major winners, Fernando "fer" Alvarenga and Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo were fighting for a long-time dream to come true. To take part in a Major in Brazil.

It started very well for Imperial, who controlled the match on their own map pick, Inferno. With 11 rounds won on their T-side, it was a question of time before the first map was done and dusted in favor of the Brazilians.

Next up was Nuke. Again Imperial got the best start leading 9-6 at the break. Here the newest member of the roster, Marcelo 'chelo' Cespedes showed his worth with several multi-kill rounds defending the A-site. But on their CT side, Complexity found themselves again, and through an almost miraculous clutch from Ricky "floppy" Kemery, Complexity took it all the way and won the map.

The last map was Overpass. On paper a dream scenario for Complexity, who had taken down FaZe and Team Liquid recently here. But it was Imperial, who showed some excellent T rounds to start with. Again it was Marcelo 'chelo' Cespedes in command, as the Brazilian dominated the first half. But then it was Complexity's turn. From 6-9 down to 13-11 up, it suddenly looked like the ticket to Rio was going the way of the North Americans. But FalleN wanted it otherwise!

First, he produced a magical ace from the A-site, and then in a critical round at 14-14, the Imperial captain took out two Complexity players in a collateral kill with his AWP, which essentially swung the round in favor of Imperial.

With map and match points, and an unhealthy Complexity economy everybody thought, that it was over. But of course, this game needed to be decided in overtime, and so it went. Maybe it was the experience from Imperial or the nerves from Complexity playing in, but in the overtime, it was Imperial in command and Complexity trailing after. And while tension reached an all-time high, Imperial kept their heads cool and secured the map and match in one of the most intense games of the year.

Imperial follow their countrymen from FURIA and 00NATION to participate in the 18th Major CS:GO Championship on their home soil in Rio in November.

Imperial - Complexity 2-1 | IEM Road to Rio RMR (Americas)

16-13 (Inferno) | FalleN – 1.44 Rating / 23–14 K-D / 76.2 ADR

11-16 (Nuke) | Grim – 1.24 Rating / 20–17 K-D / 83.0 ADR

22-20 (Overpass) | chelo – 1.40 Rating / 40–30 K-D / 97.7 ADR

Player of the match: Marcelo 'chelo' Cespedes

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